A Division of Gumtree Enterprises L.L.C.  
About Us
319 Martin Kings Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Call Chris Haney @ 434-960-3021 or Steve Conti 434-981-1462.

GUMTREE ENTERPRISES is a full service custom woodworking, remodeling & repair business that likes to create customers for life. We want to be the people that you contact for all your home needs. We custom design and build cabinets for kitchens, libraries, bathrooms, family rooms, and home offices. We also build furniture, entry doors, arches, wood windows & install various flooring & tile products. We offer bathroom & kitchen remodeling as well as various mouldings to enhance both the look & value of your home. We believe in using quality materials, providing quality service in a timely manner for a fair price.

The owners Steve Conti and Chris Haney each have 18 years of design and build experience and have worked with many of the designers and architects in the area. We have had the privilege of helping to restore several historic homes including President James Madison's Montpellier. Most of our work has been in homes in Charlottesville, Virginia and it's surrounding area, but we have clients as far away as New Jersey and Washington D.C.. Our furniture can be found in select homes from upstate New York to Florida.